Do you have grand visions of changing the world, yet sometimes feel alone, disconnected, or as if a piece of the puzzle is missing?

Would you LOVE¬†to be surrounded by visionary leaders and passionate believers‚ÄĒindividuals just like you, all pursuing¬†their most ambitious goals and seemingly impossible dreams?

Step into a World Where Manifestation Isn't Just Magic, It's a Way of Life!

Wouldn’t you love to manifest your goals and dreams with greater ease and speed?
Do you believe in the transformative power of your thoughts?
Ready to turn that belief into tangible results and meaningful connections?

Welcome to:

Manifesting With Friends

Immerse yourself in an electrifying global community specifically tailored to supercharge your personal growth and manifestation prowess. Join a collective that vibrates at your frequency, echoing your ambition. "Manifesting With Friends" stands as your unwavering ally on this transformative journey of personal growth and manifestation. With a rich plethora of daily and weekly interactive virtual sessions, there's always a time slot to complement your packed schedule where you can expect genuine, supportive souls on the other side of the screen, always ready to uplift and champion your dreams.


Consistent Engagement + Nurturing Support + Genuine Accountability = Manifestation Mastery

At The Collier Collective, we firmly hold that maintaining a consistent focus on affirmative thoughts, convictions, and actions is the cornerstone of fruitful goal realization. "Manifesting With Friends" anchors you with a dependable success support systems and routines, bolstered by the camaraderie and accountability of the group.

The Power of Repetition:¬†By consistently exposing yourself to empowering concepts, you recalibrate your subconscious and nurture the belief in the boundless potential within and around you. This principle isn't just theoretical; it echoes in the disciplined routines of accomplished athletes, musicians, and achievers, driving them towards their zenith. With ‚ÄúManifesting With Friends‚ÄĚ, we provide not just a program, but a living experience that harnesses the power of repetition and positive reinforcement to reshape your subconscious, instilling an unshakeable belief that the universe is at your command.


Meet Your Manifesting With Friends Hosts!

Tommy Collier


Tommy, an Emmy¬ģ Award-winning creative, has dedicated 13 years to personal development and spirituality. Having collaborated with industry luminaries and legends in human potential and success, he has gleaned vast insight into crafting a liberated life. Tommy‚Äôs passion lies in equipping others with tools and strategies to realize their innate purpose, potential, power and prosperity.

Monte Collier


Monte, a seasoned Life & Success Coach, backed by years of training with an elite authority in Universal Laws, offers a rich tapestry of experience aligned with his realized purpose to successfully guide clients into their desired lives. Monte is lovingly renowned for his keen intuition, ability to decipher human emotions and offers a refreshingly successful and unique, coaching perspective.

Jaxlyn King

Jaxlyn, a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with over a decade of experience in personal transformation. She goes beyond quick fixes, focusing on deep-rooted, lasting changes that guide you towards higher consciousness. Jaxlyn empowers you to be the alchemist of your own life, harnessing quantum field energy to manifest your dreams. Experience healing of your mind, body, and MONEY from the inside out.

Wanda Marie

Drawing upon decades as a healthcare professional, an avid reader of metaphysics and mentee/student of the great Practitioners of our time, Wanda champions the holistic approach and transformative potential of a single thought and choice. She empowers individuals to embark on a fulfilling journey of self-discovery emphasizing FUN, self-conviction , and inner power as the fundamentals to a truly fulfilling life.

CJ Smith

C.J. Smith, a certified Mindset & Neuro-Somatic Intelligence coach, collaborates with clients worldwide. With a unique blend of conscious mindset and subconscious nervous system rewiring, C.J. empowers you to harmonize thoughts, beliefs & emotions, making the journey to manifesting your dream life an effortless and enjoyable experience. Ready to become the hero in your story? Connect with CJ and create magic!

Brian Proctor

Born in 1961, Brian Proctor was inspired by his father, Bob Proctor, a personal development legend. For 30 years, he worked with his father, driving success through innovative marketing and business development. He pioneered email list building in the early internet era and led many successful joint ventures. Brian empowers others with simple strategies for personal and professional growth, dedicating himself to helping people build fulfilling lives and businesses.

Cory Kelly Proctor

Cory Kelly Proctor started working with Bob Proctor in 2012, helping establish his social media presence. By 2015, she became Vice-President of Global Operations, developing support and training for Bob’s Consultants. In 2017, Cory married Brian Proctor. She left PGI in 2022 to help Brian honor Bob's 60-year legacy in personal development. Cory's dedication and experience have significantly contributed to the industry, ensuring Bob Proctor's teachings continue to inspire and guide others.

Dawn Gaden

Dawn Gaden, a Licensed Counselor, certified in Complementary Medicine & Wellness, helps professional women transform their self-image. Teaching the unique method of intenSati, Dawn helps you align your mind-body connection through movement, mantras and meditation. By activating a positive state and elevating your energy frequency, you step into your worthiness, creating a new foundation for positive lasting change!

Harpreet Johal

Harpreet Johal is founder of Elevate with Harpreet; a Certified Coach & Consultant, a mindset educator and personal development facilitator, and a lead kickboxing instructor (Sensei, 3rd Dan). With a 20 year background in martial arts, the corporate sector, and some time spent as a pharmacist informs her coaching and teaching practice. ‚ÄúMy journey in recent years has been one of shifting, unlearning and relearning. It has led me here with renewed purpose. My mission through is to transform lives by nourishing new muscle memory ‚Äď mentally & physically‚ÄĚ.

Mélanie Detry

Melanie is an expert of the mind. With a solid experience in psychology and a passion for human potential her journey led her to explore innovative transformational approaches. Dotted with a rare synergy of logic & intuition, she has developed a unique thought-provoking coaching perspective. As a business consultant, she has been empowering entrepreneurs worldwide so that they can reach their next level of greatness and freedom - by tapping into their unlimited potential, unlocking the power of their imagination & achieving lasting results with flow.

Nick Soulias

As a health, fitness and weight loss expert, Nick Soulias has cracked the code for helping¬†men and women become their healthiest selves and lose weight on a mass scale. Having reversed many health struggles of his own, Nick developed his own unique approach for¬†‚Äúgetting healthier on the inside, to produce results on the outside‚ÄĚ. Nick works with men and women around the globe to reverse blood sugar issues, solve numerous health complications, lose large¬†amounts of weight, get off medications, and completely change body compositions.

A Community Like No Other!

This is not your ordinary study club or support group... Manifesting With Friends is an expansive virtual ecosystem designed to foster your personal and professional growth at a level you've never experienced before!

Experience the Magic with our Virtual Meetups:

Morning Money Study

Every Single Day!
7:15am to 8am Eastern
Hosted by: Jaxlyn King & Wanda Marie
Begin each day on the frequency of abundance with the ultimate morning routine: Calming meditation, heart-centered gratitude, Inspiration-driven action steps and engaging readings and discussions of top-tier money mindset books. 

Currently Studying: 
"The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money Fast" by Carole Doré

MWF Reading Roundtable

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
11am to 12pm Eastern
Hosted by: Tommy & Monte Collier
The Meetup that started it all! Engage thrice weekly to dive into thought-altering books by top luminaries in personal development and spirituality. Plus rousing discussion and perspective sharing for deep integration and embodiment.

Currently Studying: 
"The Greatest Secret"
by Rhonda Byrne

Monday Mastermind

Mondays (Weekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Kickstart your week with a high-frequency vibrational boost! Our weekly Mastermind meetings are a place to celebrate your achievements and seek guidance on challenges and opportunities. Tap into the collective intelligence of our community, and watch magic unfold.

Radical Reflection

Tuesdays (Weekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Get your creative energy flowing and come express yourself in ways we don’t often tap into as adults. Also explore the powerful and stress relieving benefits of Nervous System Regulation with our resident genius, CJ Smith! Come unwind your mind, body and spirit with this unique and satisfying weekly session! 

Awareness Alchemy

Wednesdays (Weekly)
5am to 6am Eastern
Feeling stuck despite reading transformative authors like Neville? Join Awareness Alchemy, led by Harpreet Johal and Melanie Detry. Dive into timeless wisdom, reconnect with your inner guidance, and elevate your awareness in a supportive space to develop inner power and manifest your desires.

Ask Tommy

Wednesdays (Biweekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Tap-in for our biweekly interactive hot-seat Q&A with Tommy Collier where you can come to get LIVE hands-on help from a true expert who's here to help! Pick Tommy's brain on a wide range of topics: business, technology, media, marketing, branding, creativity, spirituality, mindset and success. 

Wednesday Watch Party

Wednesdays (Biweekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Join us for our biweekly watch parties. Together, we explore mind-expanding, perspective-altering, awareness-boosting video lessons from the greatest teachers of personal development and spirituality. Engage in enlightening discussions and expand your horizon each and every week.

The Full Monte

Thursdays (Biweekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Tune-in every other Thursday for a mentoring experience unlike any other! Engaging discussions tailored to your personal and professional journey. Personalized feedback to align you with your true potential. Inspirational insights to elevate your self-awareness, self-image, self-worth and self-care.

intenSati Spirit+Mind+Body

Thursdays (Biweekly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
intenSati combines mindfulness and physical movement, focusing on awakening the mind, body, & spirit. By observing & selecting positive thoughts and mantras during exercise we enhance joy, love, & abundance. Wear comfy attire, bring water & ensure you have room to move freely and vocally!

The Proctor Perspective

Fridays (Monthly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Tap into the abundant wisdom, super smarts and vast experience of the Proctor lineage!  Brian Proctor and Cory Kelly Proctor join us  each and every month to share their energy and advice. Bring a topic or a situation to the table and get ready to be shown the way with the Proctor Perspective!

Be Fit Friday

Fridays (Monthly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Join our resident Health and Fitness Mentor each month for masterful health and wellness guidance designed to help you achieve lasting vitality and optimal performance from your human machinery! Becoming your strongest, healthiest YOU is a whole lot easier with Nick in your corner!

Human Design Huddle

Saturdays (Weekly)
12pm to 1pm Eastern
Human Design is a enlightening system of personal analysis combining ancient traditions & modern science. It provides deep insights into our unique individuality & potential. Our weekly huddle is a space to study & strategize using the Human Design system. 

CC Ambassador Training

Fridays (Monthly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Join our monthly Ambassador Training to keep up with the Collective's current and upcoming promotions! Elevate your Ambassador role into a lucrative income source through training to not only boost your promotion of MWF but also empower your own business ventures!

MWF Expert Hour

Fridays (Monthly)
1pm to 2pm Eastern
Tap into the expertise, wisdom and specialized knowledge of our MWF members with our monthly Manifesting With Friends Expert Hour! These LIVE sessions feature high-value, high-vibe lessons from our genius members and invited special guests.

Plug-In to our Vibrant Virtual Hub

Elevate your experience beyond our dynamic Zoom discussions by diving deep into our exclusive, private online community platform + mobile app. Connect 24/7 with global thought leaders, sharing insights and harnessing a treasure trove of resources.

Within this space, you can:

  • Celebrate personal and collective achievements.
  • Immerse yourself in uplifting tales and inspirational¬†shares.
  • Showcase your business and its unique offerings.
  • Forge accountability partnerships, ensuring you stay aligned with your ambitions.
  • Discover invaluable tools and materials.
  • Embark on stimulating group challenges designed for growth and commitment.
  • Access everything on the go through our¬†free mobile app.

The energy of your network directly influences your success!


Ask yourself:
"Are the people around me fueling my rise
to freedom and prosperity?"

With us, that's a promise!

Unlocking Even More Magic!

Explore additional exclusive benefits, perks and wonders inside:

Our Global Ambassador team is open for all members to join who want add a source of income by inviting others to join our community.

Our members are manifesting abundance on the daily! We keep track and celebrate our increasing collective prosperity with our Manifested Money Meter!

Our wise mentor once said: "Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result!" Our Accountability Zone help our members stay on track with their objectives.

Our community is all about collaboration. Our "Share Your Stuff!" Circle is the place where members can share and promote their offerings in service to others.

We generate A LOT of recorded content from our multitudinous meetups! The Replay Room is updated daily for easy re-watching or catching up on sessions missed.

The Feedback Feed offers collaborative insights for your projects. Share your work, seek advice from experts, and elevate your everything with community support.

Just Imagine…

  • A daily sanctuary where you connect with like-minded souls, all aligned on a journey of positivity, growth, and success.
  • A beacon of optimism, available round-the-clock, supercharging your every endeavor with inspiration and motivation.
  • A global family right at your fingertips, offering unconditional validation, love, and tangible solutions to bring your dreams to fruition.
  • Immersing in an environment where everyone¬†understands you, where your aspirations are celebrated, and where collaborative spirit reigns supreme, pushing competitive mindsets into obscurity.
  • A safe haven where your voice matters, where you're seen, heard, and cherished, and where differences aren't merely tolerated, but celebrated.
  • Diving deep into self-reflection, exploring timeless wisdom from legendary authors, mentors, and teachers, and being part of a community that offers unmatched value week after week.

Join the Global Movement Where Dreams and Reality Merge!

Take the leap towards your bright and beautiful future today!


Your Ultimate Success Support System

Joining "Manifesting With Friends" is akin to discovering a wellspring of support. No longer will you feel alone against challenges or naysayers. Our community is your sanctuary, where every interaction promises growth, encouragement, and genuine connection. Some of your most cherished learnings will sprout from the friendships forged here. This global online haven awaits you‚ÄĒyour revitalized beacon of support, guiding you towards your innate brilliance. It's your ticket from feeling lost to confidently charting your destiny. Embrace this vibrant, soul-nourishing family and let's co-create wonders!¬†


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Manifesting With Friends



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  • Connect Globally: Become a part of our vibrant virtual community, The¬†Collier Collective online community platform + app, with 24/7 access, discussions, resources and support.
  • Stay Updated: Missed a meeting? Don't fret! Everything is recorded and uploaded to the MWF "Replay Room" daily.
  • Expand and Grow: Take part in our interactive group challenges tailored for your personal growth and accountability.¬†
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More words from our Members:

"Love this space, these meetings, these exchanges. It is so inspiring! What an honor and privilege to be surrounded by like-minded people, to discover things together, to express ourselves fully, to share our findings, and to grow together, elevating ourselves to another level, not yet imagined before we met."

"Studying is a wonderful way to start our day. Sharing the moment among like-minded people committed to their continuous self-development, in a safe community among friends, is just a perfect combination! 

"So grateful to be part of a community of such awareness and to be able to share, learn, grow, and experience life from different perspectives and keep evolving so beautifully toward my higher self."

"Every session is enlightening. I love this group of souls who have gathered to make the world a better place."

"I absolutely love these calls and this group. MWF is a must-join group. It is not only about reading, studying, learning, growing, and sharing... There's so much more: the amount of love, appreciation, and support is indescribable. There is no agenda behind it, it's genuine. We all can feel how this group is the real thing."

‚ÄúI love how we are all getting to know each other. This is much more than reading together.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThis is profound and deep and amazing!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúI am so grateful for the variety and diverse thinking as well as the safe place for ALL to be acknowledged and valued right where they are.¬† Priceless!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThank you¬†so much, this is so inspiring. I love the shares. I feel full after I sign off and nourished for the day.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúI love the Unity of this group.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúSuch great exchange every session.¬†I love hearing everyone's perspectives on this very profound material.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúI love, love, love hearing so many points of view and heartfelt stories. It is just wonderful!‚ÄĚ

¬†‚ÄúIt is so nice for so many people to share their perceptions, they are all so valuable. Thank You!‚ÄĚ

“I love the discussion in the group. This information is so deep I have to read the material before hand and afterwards so I can take the time to digest and process the information. The work is amazing. Thank you Tommy and Monte for being such beautiful hosts.  

‚ÄúThank you for creating this group. It's so nice to be in this energy and to grow.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúI love the authenticity of this group!‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúGreat discussion and support from all of the members is amazing!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúI love this book and this group. I feel it opening up something in me, and I love the comments that people share after the reading. Thank you Tommy and Monte for starting this group.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúMy heart is exploding! Tommy and Monte, TYSM for creating a safe place to be...I feel it.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThank you for the beautiful and safe space you have created, we are all growing!‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúLove you guys so much and everything that y'all are doing. It really feeds my soul to be connected to like-souled people. With so much gratitude. Thank you!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThis is just a fabulous community and a fantastic initiative. Congratulations Tommy & Monte and thank you for creating this amazing community!‚ÄĚ

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